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Debt & Bond Financing Available. For details click here

Religious Organization Loan Application If your church is seeking to expand we may be able to help!   Our lenders occupy a unique position in church financing, with the capability to provide churches with a variety of options.
Our lenders offer Financing for all types of Church Properties, including: Churches, Colleges, Universities, Christian Camps, Elementary Schools, Day Care Facilities and other related Church Properties.   

· Property Types:

Retail/Office,   5+ Unit Multi-family,   Mix-Use,   Day Care Center, Warehouse,   Bar/Restaurants,   Mobile Home Park,   Self-Storage, Automotive,   Rooming House,    Marinas,   Gas Station,   Campground, 
Car Wash,   Bed & Breakfast,   Day Care Center,   Education,   Flagged & Unflagged Hospitality,   Golf Course,   Industrial,   Funeral Home,   RV Park, Assisted Living Facility,   Nursing Home,   Special Purpose,   Raw Land, Developments and more.

We have established a strong niche in helping those with less than perfect credit and Creative Financing/Factoring Solutions.

  · Cash Advance
This program utilizes a company’s credit card receivables to secure financing. Businesses with 9 months in business and a credit card merchant account for 4Months can qualify. This program allows for purchasing of inventory, advertising, Equipment, working capital, renovations and more.
Cash Advances are from $5,000 - $750,000. A - D Credit. 

· Equipment Refinance
This program is utilized when a company has existing free and clear equipment that Can be used as collateral to secure funding. All types of equipment can be utilized And the financing amount is based on 50% to 90% of the equipment cost.
A - D Credit. Two programs available: $20k - $150k & $500k + program. 

· Receivable Factoring
Factoring allows the client to sell their accounts receivable for cash, versus waiting 30 to 60 days to be paid by their customer. Factoring will provide the client the Capital they need to improve their cash flow and utilize funds for needs such as:
Covering payroll, cash to fuel growth or take on new jobs.
Normally 60% to 85% is advanced against the invoices generated
And the remaining Funds (minus fees) would be forwarded once the invoices are paid.  A - D Credit. 

· Purchase Order/Contract Financing
This program provides the ability to utilize an existing Purchase Order (PO) or Contract for financing Direct Labor Inventory, Raw Materials, Work-in-Process, Finished Goods, Direct Overhead, Buy-Outs-Components Parts and Sub ssemblies.
PO’s can include companies outside of the US. Minimum transaction size is
Typically $25,000 and can be based on a continuous PO with a client over an
Extended period of time. A - D Credit.
If you have questions,
Contact our corporate offices at: 562-438-9200 or via email 

Government Financing


30 YEAR FIXED -Payment /Principle & Interest - Fixed

10 YEARS INTEREST ONLY - Following, Loan Repayment Amortized Over 20 years / Borrower Pays Principle & Interest.

FHA - 3.5% DOWN - Little Reserves Needed & Very Generous on Fico Scores.  Loan is Government Insured, Mortgage Insurance. 
Condos must be FHA approved, or go through approval process.

203 (K) - Rehab Loans- Money to Rehabilitate the home is included in one loan / FHA / HUD.  Must be Owner Occupied. 
Can be SFR or Condo /4 - units or Less.

Loan Pre-Approval Items Needed
    Renting Information needed, - Landlord Name, & Contact Information
    Need contact number to Verify Employment

Borrowers Authorization Signed
(For Credit Report)

     If you currently Own Property: Taxes, Insurance, & Current Mortgage