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World Payment Services

World Payment Services brings you a vast array of innovative products and services that make us your single source for payment solutions.

World Payment Services is a leader in electronic payment processing,
With an unparalleled set of products and services that enable merchants,
Financial institutions,businesses and government agencies
To optimize payment processing efficiency.

World Payment Services provides Internet Solutions that are
designed to help small and large merchants offer secure Internet
shopping to their customers easily and cost-effectively. Our suite of
Internet processing solutions can help merchants stay ahead of the
competition and tackle the uncertainties of online retail to help grow
their share of the e-commerce market.

American Express® card acceptance is now easier than ever.
Merchants can receive an easy, cost-effective, all-in-one solution
with the convenience of a single source for statement, settlement
and customer service for all major card brands. Merchants now
receive one deposit for MC/VISA and AMEX funds, so AMEX funds
are available sooner. Receive a single statement for MC/VISA &
AMEX, simplifying the reconciliation process.

World Payment Services now enables small to mid-sized
merchants to accept Discover® Network cards. Merchants enjoy
the benefits of having all transactions on one statement and can
easily attract their share of more than 50 million Discover Network

First Data offers a full range of POS terminals, peripherals
and supplies, designed to save both time and money while
Helping merchants make the most of consumer preferences.
Merchants can find the right terminal to operate successfully
at the point-of-sale, based on the needs of their retail

First Data Global Leasing provides Independent Sales
Organizations, Bank Partners and Agents with cost-effective
solutions for leasing quality, point-of-sale equipment. Benefits
include faxed applications accepted and funded, credit score
notification within 2 hours of faxed application, funding of
commenced leases within 24 hours and dedicated relationship

For over 40 years, TeleCheck has delivered solutions that
make check/ACH acceptance efficient and secure. The volume
of the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® service has
increased significantly in the last 2 years while Internet and
telephone check products have become an integral part of many
sales strategies.

World Payment Services offers a large selection of wireless
terminals that let merchants who run a business in a nontraditional
location with no access to phone lines and electrical
outlets authorize electronic purchases virtually anywhere.
Accept the same payments at the same rates as cableconnected
terminals and receive authorizations in seconds.

With First DataSM Gift Card solutions, merchants of every size
and type can drive traffic to their businesses, increase sales,
build brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction.
Gift cards are attractive to both consumers and merchants.

Designed to replace a cash register, the First Data® POS
Value ExchangeSM retail solution helps manage inventory,
track sales, control costs, improve customer service and
better guide business decisions. Through this combination
of a personal computer, business management software .
and a payment processing system, merchants can leverage
the combined value of three industry leaders: First Data,
Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

Paperless payroll and retail prepaid solutions that provide Money
NetworkTM cardholders a safe, convenient and alternate way to pay
bills and make purchases in person, online or on the phone without a
bank account. Money Network Solutions help companies reduce
costs and increase convenience through electronic payroll distribution
solutions and prepaid retail solutions that eliminate costly paper
pay checks for millions of workers.
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Through a referral relationship AMI can help your merchants turn
future credit card sales into working capital and access up to
$150,000 per location, in as little as 5 days. Merchants can buy new
equipment, renovate their store, expand their business, pay bills,
stock shelves, purchase inventory and eliminate payroll concerns.
AMI is a leading provider of alternative funding for small to mid-sized
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